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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Marukoma Hot Spring (湖畔の宿 支笏湖丸駒温泉)| Hot Spring Inn by Lake Shikotsu | Chitose

"Marukoma Hot Spring (湖畔の宿 支笏湖丸駒温泉)", a hot spring inn, is located just by Lake Shikotsu and famous for its outdoor hot spring connected to the lake. It also serves delicious dishes such as grilled or sashimi kokanee salmon caught in the lake!

They belong to "Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inn (日本秘湯を守る会)" and very popular not only among tourists, but also among local people.

Let's enter the facility!

Hina dolls were decorated in front of the entrance. Yes, Doll's Festival for girls is held on the 3rd of March. We, Japanese, display a set of dolls and pray for the sound growth of girls in the family. We also offer sweet mild sake and diamond-shaped rice cake on the doll's stand↓

Hina dolls should be put away immediately after the 3rd of March, otherwise the girl, we believe, will have trouble getting married! Interesting, isn't it??

Well, well, well, let me get back to the main story!
First, we enjoyed the local fish at a restaurant in the inn.

Look at this!
We really enjoyed the wonderful scenery from our table!!!!!

Fried noodles with seafood are the most popular dish in this restaurant, but our guests and I wanted to enjoy something local available only in this area...........

Let me see.........
Deep fried oysters sound delicious and so do crabs and seafood bowls!

Have you ever heard kokanee salmon, which live in lakes and don't go to the ocean? The special smaller salmon live in only some limited lakes, including Lake Shikotsu, in Japan, and very rare and delicious! I'm sure the fish is perfect for my guests from England!

We ordered a set of kokanee salmon↓

I wholeheartedly recommend this grilled salmon! This is so fresh that it's not fishy! If you like lightly- but well-seasoned fish, you must love it!

How about its sashimi???

Please open your mouth!
(Yummy x 2!!!) Hahaha!

The salmon is less fatty than ones which go to the ocean!
Definately this is a very local dish!

After enjoying the wonderful lunch, I went to the wonderful hot spring! 

Look at the outdoor hot spring!

We can enjoy the very soothing water, while appreciating the beautiful surrounding nature!

Do you like this hot spring inn?
Well, well, well.............I think it is too early for you to come to a conclusion!

I'll show you a main attraction here!!
They have the other outdoor hot spring which is connected to Lake Shikotsu!

The abundant natural hot spring, which bubbles up from the bottom of this area, is clear and warms us through to our body's core.
The height of the hot water is as same as the one of the lake, depending on the weather and the season. Sounds very lovely♪

I really recommend this historical hot spring inn which started its operation in 1915. We can enjoy very green mountains and trees in the spring & summer time, colored leaves in the autumnal time, and snow in the winter time around this area.

The inn is located in Shikotsu Toya National Park, a very peaceful and comfortable area apart from the city downtown.

See?? This is like a picture card!!!

■Where is "Marukoma Hot Spring (湖畔の宿 支笏湖丸駒温泉)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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