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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Make Snow Candles

Have you ever made snow candles?
Actually it was the first time for me to make them, but it's very easy! It takes only a few minutes to make one candle. Would you like to try it?? I'll show you how to make snow candles!


■How to Make Snow Candles■
①Place a juice can on the center of a bucket bottom.
②Put snow around and on the can to the top of the bucket.

③Flip the snow-filled bucket and take the bucket and the can.
④Make a small dent with a pen on the center part and place a candle on the dent like this↓

That's it!! Easy, isn't it??

You can pile up the snow candles likes this↓ So cute!!! These are our art works! Hahaha!

After that, just wait until it gets dark.

What you have to do is to light the candles.  Beautiful!!

Wonderful, aren't they???

Cool & amazing!!

Why don't you try to make snow candles??

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