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Monday, January 23, 2012

Ramen Syodai (らーめん初代)| Ramen Restaurant | Otaru

The ramen restaurant which I introduce to you today is one of the most popular ramen restaurants in Otaru, featuring soy sauce-flavor ramen.

This is "Ramen Syodai (らーめん初代)"↓

It used to work as a stone warehouse but now renovated as a restaurant. We can feel the history of Otaru, while enjoying their delicious ramen.

This open ceiling space can make us relax♪

The most popular ramen broth flavor in this restaurant is "syoyu (醤油)"or soy sauce, but this time I order "siro tamari soy sauce (白たまり醤油)" or rich brown soy sauce. Shiro tamari "soy sauce" is actually made of wheat straw & sea salt and looks amber, while normal soy sauce made of soy beans & flour and looks black. They taste completely different!

Look at the new ramen, "new miso". We have to try it, too!

This is new miso ramen! (*Miso is fermented soy bean paste)

The soup is very dense and thick!

The noodles are not thick nor thin, and a little bit curry.

Beside minced pork, a big slice of char siu or broiled pork covers over the ramen! Yummy x 2!!

We also ordered onigiri with char siu and mayonnaise! Whenever I come here, I order this↓, which really suits with any ramen♪

This is my favorite, "siro tamari syoyu (白たまり醤油)"↓
This is not nomal ramen, but an art work!!! As they serve only 30 bowls of this ramen a day, be careful when you come here!

The broth is made of white wine, naturally-dried salt, tamari "wheat straw" sauce, seafood and so on. They add fish sauce (made of salmon) and chicken oil to the broth, too.
See!!! It's an art work!
It's not dense and rich, but fine, sensitive, and sophisticated flavor!

The lump of meat is very tender and we don't need teeth! Hahaha!
The noodles are whither and, I guess, less lye water than ones in miso broth.

As it is soooooooooooooo delicious and tasty, we can drink up the broth like this↓

I really recommend this ramen!!

■Where is "Ramen Syodai (らーめん初代)"?

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■Tour Guide Information■
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fatim308 said...

I really ENVY you!! Look at all those food, even the picture already make me hungry

K.K. said...

Hahaha! The pics can make you hungry!!!
The ramen is so recommendable that when you come to Hokkaido again, please eat it!
I love their "shiro tamari soy sauce ramen" very much!

yangyang said...

make me very hungry!!!haha

K.K. said...

A Happy CNY!!!

The pics look very appetizing, don't they?? Hahaha!
I really recommend this ramen! Otaru is only 45 minutes away from Sapporo! Please try it!

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