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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

grafmuller (グラフミューラー)| Baumkuchen Shop | Mobile Shop #11

I love Baumkuchen, a kind of layered cake enjoyed in many countries throughout Europe. Yesterday when I walked along the tram street (電車通り) in Sapporo, I found a Baumkuchen wagon in front of Tokyu Hands↓

The banner says, "It's fluffy Baumkuchen hot from the oven"!

Looks yummy x 2!
Oops! I "ate" the sample a lot, not "tried" it!
Anyway, we enjoyed the conversation with the shop staff..............

This mobile shop #11 sold three sizes of Baumkuchen and I bought a small one!

This is grafmuller's Baumkuchen!

I like this cute shape!

Look at the characteristic rings when you look at it from the top. They resemble tree rings!

It is very fluffy!

 Do you want to have a bite? Hahaha!

So far two Baumkuchen wagons of grafmuller (グラフミューラー) are travelling in Hokkaido. When you see it in your neighborhood, why don't you try this fluffy Baumkuchen?

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