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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monthly Ice Cream (Made by MISSU HOUSE) on the Limited Express Trains of JR Hokkaido | January, 2012

When I use a limited express train here in Hokkaido, I always eat monthly ice cream sold on the train.

This time, I went to Engaru from Sapporo.
This is JR Sapporo Station↓ Here we go♪

We took an Okhotsk Limited Express Train #1↓

Sapporo is a big city, but after about 30 minutes from the departure, we can enjoy wonderful scenery like this form the train windows.

I love this snow world!!! Beautiful, isn't it?

Here comes the food wagon service on the train! I always buy a monthly ice cream made by MISSU HOUSE, which is one of my favorite ice cram makers in Sapporo!

The ice cream flavor of this month (January in  2012) is...............

January is the first month of the strawberry season in Japan!

Hokkaido is famous for dairy products and we can eat delicious ice cream here!

Do you wanna try it? Hahaha!

Just for reference..........
If you are interested in another flavor (pumpkin), please refer to my another post→→Click here!

Look at the station named Shirataki, which has double meanings; white waterfalls and "noodle-like food made from starch", which is one of the ingredients for sukiyaki dish! Sounds very delicious, doesn't it???

We've arrived in Engaru! It takes about 3 hours and a half from Sapporo to this station.

A lot of train fans were taking pics of the train like him↓
Good bye, the Okhotsk Limited Express Train #1!!!

This is JR Engaru Station and

this is the main street in front of the station. I love rural areas like this city↓

Look at the icicle hung from the station roof↓ Wow! Wow! Wow! How long the icicle is!

Then we went to Tokoro by car to enjoy winter sports such as snowshoeing, and curling!

To be continued!

*Do you want to buy a delicious snack in this station? If so, please click here! I'll show you eight kinds of rusk (Melba toast)♪

■Tour Guide Information■
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