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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Okhotsk no Rusk-yasan (オホーツクのラスク屋さん)| Onishi Panten (大西パン店) | Bihoro

I've found a recommendable snack

in JR Engaru (遠軽).

Beside this Kiosk,

eight kinds of rusk (Melba toast) are displayed! The rusk is made of flour produced in Okhotsk area and sugar beats in Bihoro (美幌).

Look at the rusk!!!
I'll show you all of the kinds!

■Ruhyo (meaning drift ice) white chocolate: is the most popular rusk in this series!!!
■Kitanoyozora (meaning night sky in the north) milk chocolate: looks very yummy x 2!!!

Garlic: must go well with beer!
Onion produced in Kitami: smells very wonderful!!
■Camembert cheese: I love cheese!!!

Pumpkin produced in Saroma: is naturally sweet and my favorite!
Sugar produced in Bihoro: can be a parfect snack at three o'clock!
Maple: makes my mouth water! Hahaha!

After all, I bought the two; white chocolate and garlic flavors↓

The rusk is made by Onishi Panten (大西パン店), which is a 50-year-old bakery, baking bread for school lunch in this area. They use Hokkaido flour only, which is naturally sweeter than ones produced in other areas. Sounds great♪

I bought it for my family, but actually I ate it up on the train because it is so delicious that I couldn't stop eating it! Let me consider I bought it for myself! Hahaha!

Garlic rusk really goes well with beer, smelling very tempting, and increasing my appetite!
Ops! We had a beer party on the train! The rusk I bought were gone completely!!!

I really recommend this rusk!

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