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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Located near Otaru canal, "PRESS CAFE" used to be a stone warehouse and now it is renovated as a cafe, which makes us feel nostalgic for the old days↓

After the first entrance, go along this homey approach.

We will reach the main entrance! I love this comfortable atmosphere!

This historical structure with open ceiling space makes us very relax!

The owner loves cars and a couple of them are decorated at the cafe like this. We feel like time crawls along at this cafe! There's no high schools girls nor noisy housewives here! Why don't you drop by this cafe and enjoy coffee or tea while reading a book for a while?

The cushion of the chairs is comfortable and lap brackets are prepared for all guests. Perfect, isn't it?

 My friend ordered this masala tea, containing seven kinds of spice.

I ordered a cake set; a piece of cake and a drink.

I chose this cheese cake among four kinds of cheesecake↓

"Cheese-cheesecake" is consist of two kinds of cheesecake.

We can eat baked cheesecake and non-bake cheesecake at the same time! Yummy x 2!

We had a wonderful time at this very fantastic cafe!

■Where is "PRESS CAFE"?
This cafe is a little bit far away from the tourist spots and has a peaceful atmosphere without tourists! I love it!

I also recommend their lunch sets↑ Very reasonable, isn't it?? I especially love their curry!

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■Tour Guide Information■
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