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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Kitanobentoukoubou Kana (北の弁当工房 かな)| Boxed Lunch Store | Shin-Chitose AP

There are a lot of kinds of obenntou or boxed lunch sold in Shin Chitose Airport, and we this time visited   "Kitanobentoukoubou Kana (北の弁当工房 かな)", a obentou specialty store↓

This shop has a wide variety of  (actually 120 kinds of) seafood obentou! Wow!!! Hokkaido remains a lot of people of delicious fresh seafood, doesn't it? Which one should we buy????? Or should I choose two obentou?? Hahaha!

For example, this obentou has salmon roe, crab meat and sea urchin! Yummy x 2! It is made by "Sapporo Kani Kousen (蟹工船), a crab specialty shop. Sounds and looks very delicious!

How about this?? If you like crab, you must love it! This is sushi rolled with crab meat!

How about onigiri or rice ball with a lot of seafood?

I chose a HUGE gourmet onigiri  (three times as big as normal size onigiri) with salmon and salmon roe made by Satou Suisan(佐藤水産) , a famous seafood shop. 

See!!! There are a lot of salmon and salmon roe in onigiri! Yummy x 2!!!

When you use Shin chitose Airport, why don't you drop by this obentou shop??

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