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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Murakami Curry Restaurant PULU2 (村上カレー店 プルプル)| Curry Soup Restaurant | Sapporo

Curry Soup is one of the most popular dishes in Sapporo. Today I'll show you a very unique one!
We visited "Murakami Curry Restaurant PULU2 (村上カレー店 プルプル)" at the edge of the downtown of Sapporo today↓

I really recommend this restaurant especially during the lunch time because the curry with rice is only 750 yen!!

Today's specials are
①Curry with garlic chicken and beans
②Keema curry made of Japanese broth with Japanese ingredients (such as tofu & shaved bonito)

You can choose the amount of spice from very mild to incredibly hot! Hahaha!

The owner loves reggae and we can enjoy it while eating their curry. Very interesteing, isn't it?

They serve typical curry, but I ordered a very unique one today!
First, rice was served! Do you have any idea what the black ball (named sun ball) beside the rice is? Whenever I come here, I have it with curry! 

This is a topping made of shaved bonito with garlic, ginger, onions and so on. This really suites with plain rice and curry!

Here comes "curry with natto and vegetable".  I'm sure this is a typical food that you "love" or "hate"!!!

Look at this! There are a lot of minced natto (fermented soy beans) in the soup! Yummy x 2 to me! How about you???

I've found a lot of okra! This is a perfect curry for fans of sticky foods!

A whole boiled potato is a typical ingredient in curry soup in Sapporo!

The carrot is also HUGE!

I love this natto curry very much!

■Where is "Murakami Curry Restaurant PULU2 (村上カレー店 プルプル)"?

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■Tour Guide Information■
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