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Friday, January 06, 2012

Anko (鮟鱇料理 安古)|Sea Toad Specialty Restaurant | Sapporo

Anko or sea toad looks very ugly, but tastes really delicious, doesn't it??

Let's go to anko specialty restaurant! We can enjoy a lot of kinds of anko dishes here!

This restaurant is really cozy and the owner is very friendly!

If you want to enjoy anko dishes from the bottom of your heart, I recommend a course meal like this↓because it is more reasonable than ordering each meal! As we wanted to eat liver sashimi, we ordered the 13,000 yen menu.

Kanpai or Cheers!

Sake really suits with anko! Yummy x 2!

■Cheek meat of anko with sculpin's roe
The contrast of the tender meat and the crispy roe is very interesting!

■Anko meat with its liver
The rich liver flavor is spread into our mouth once we eat it!

Look at the anko bones!
We have to order bone sake later!!!

■Nanbanduke (anko with sweet and peppery vegetable sauce)
This dish refreshes our mouth! I love it!

■Nikogori (Jellied anko)
Wibble wobble x 2!!!

The owner said, "Today's anko is really recommendable!" We came to this restaurant on the right day!

■Liver sashimi
Because this anko is really fresh, we can enjoy liver sashimi! In my opinion, this is the most delicious dish among the course meal! Tastes very rich, but not greasy!!!

Anko tofu
Please enjoy the smooth texture and distinctive taste!

■Boiled Liver
It's really dense and suits with sake! Hahaha!

■Broiled anko
As the owner cook the fish differently, we've never tired of the fish!

■Fried anko
Hot! Hot! Hot! The timing he serves the meal is perfect!

Boribori mushroom
This is not included in the course meal, but we are good friends and the owner kindly served this.

Anko soup
Again, he added extra mushroom into the soup! How lucky we are!

Looks ugly, but it contains a lot of collagen and tastes wonderful!! Can I become younger?? Hahaha!

■Bone sake
Finally, we ordered the bone sake! Let's open it!

It has a lot of broiled bones like this and we enjoyed the savory scent!

While we were eating pickles, the owner were cooking rice porridge with the anko soup

■Rice Porridge
The broth contains a lot of anko flavor!!! I really recommend it!

This is a dessert.

We really enjoyed the anko meals!

This is the last surprise!

The ower gave me a birthday present! Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you, the owner! These potteries were made by him!

Anko is a winter fish! Please enjoy it when you come to Hokkaido in the winter time!

■Where is "Anko (鮟鱇料理 安古)"?

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■Tour Guide Information■
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