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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mamehina (まめひな)| Farmer's Soba Restauranto | Ebetsu

"Mamehina (まめひな)" is a soba (buckwheat) restaurant run by farmers, and using the vegetables grown by themselves.

It is located on Route 46 in Ebetsu. When you find this sign, you will find the restaurant!

It is surrounded by the nature like this↓

Before we entered the restaurant, we strolled around their vegetable fields. Look at the corn! Looks very delicious!

There are several plastic greenhouses and

vegetables such as tomatoes were grown inside↓

Just behind the restaurant, there are red brick warehouses constructed in the 1950's and seemed to be still used.

The facade is like this↓ The outside of the house looks modern, but when you enter it, you can go back to the world in the 1950's. 

Wow! It is a typical house in the 1050's. The wall was made with cement plaster. Look at the sliding door! I watched it at my grandma's house when I was a child!

This is a stereotype of kerosene heater in the 20th century!!!

The resister looks very traditional, too!
It used to be a normal house built by grandfather of the owner and was renovated as a restaurant recently!

It has a Japanese room with tatami↓ We really enjoy this comfortable atmosphere!

Almost all ingredients, such as buckwheat, daikon radishes, wasabi condiment, yams, carrots, black beans and butter lettuce, were grown in their own vegetable fields.

They are the menus, including kasiwaseiro (soba with chicken), butaseiro (soba with pork), black been rice,

mushroom soba, soba with kakiage tempura of carrot and gobo (burdock root),

 several other cold soba, and hot soba.

 First, black been rice and grated yam were served.

The color of rice is naturally changed to pink due to the pigment of the beans.

Pour the grated yam on the rice and eat it! Yummy x 2!!!

This is soba with chicken soup.

Please dip this cold soba into

this hot soup with naganegi onion and chicken!

This is soba with kakiage tempura!

It's HUGE and very delicious!
When you come to this restaurant, please order this gobo (burdock root) and carrot tempura! It's really recommendable!

Soba noodles here are a little bit thin like this↓

Dip it in the special soy sauce-flavored soup.

Last but not least, we ordered a very Japanese sweet!

This is yomogimochi wrapped with bamboo leaves↓

Yomogimochi is a rice-flour dumpling mixed with yomogi (maugwort).

When you have a bite, adzuki bean jam will appear like this↓ Looks very Japanese sweet♪

We really enjoyed the dishes they served and this traditional Japanese atmosphere!

■Where  is "Mamehina (まめひな)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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