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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saito Farm (斉藤ファーム)| Hamburger and Steak Restaurant/ Cafe | Sapporo

If you want to eat A5-grade Wagyu (Japanese Black) produced in Tokachi, eastern part of Hokkaido,

I recommend "Saito Farm" in Sapporo.

This is the restaurant! Amazing, isn't? It takes only 5 minutes from JR Hassam Station to this restaurant on foot! I like this atmosphere!

They keep goats! How cute it is!

This is the facade! This cowshed was renovated as a restaurant!

It is adjacent to this park and we can relax!

Let's enter the restaurant!

Wow! How romantic it is! You can enjoy piano performance at night!

Each table has a lamp like this↓

I guess this restaurant is a perfect location for dating!!! It's like a cafe at Kitaichi Glass in Otaru!!!
*If you are interested in Kitaichi Glass Cafe, please refer to my previous post→click here! 167 glass lamps dacorated are decolated in the cafe!

Please ring this bell, when you decide the order!

This is the menu for dinner. They serve several types of hamburger steaks, beef stew, and steak. They use A-5 grade Japanese Black beef! How wonderful!

They also have a lunch set, which includes 30 food items produced in Hokkaido, served in a gorgeous pottery called Kutani-yaki and Oribe-yaki. They mill Hokkaido brown rice by themself at this restaurant, and use kelp seaweed for miso soup! Sounds very healthy lunch, doesn't it??

First, we enjoyed Hokkaido red wine!

Fresh vegetables are used for this salad! Smoked salmon looks very Hokkaido!

You can choose rice or bread.

This papar napkin says, "we use A-5 rank Japanese Black and when the steak will arrive at your table, please tell the chef how you'd like it".

This is the hamburger steak! I chose demiglace, but you can choose Japanese sauce!

Look at the potato! The whole potatoes were baked on the hot plate, too!

Japanese Black Hamburger!!!

We ordered "medium", but  I recommend "rare" for the steak because this meat is very delicious and sweet! I'm sure next time I come here, I'll order "rare"!
This is one of the most delicious hamburger steaks in Sapporo!!!

This onion soup is also very recommendable! It tastes very rich and naturally sweet!

Look at the chopstick cover! They are also famous for coffee!

The best-selected coffee beans are roasted, milled at this restaurant cafe!

It was a perfect dinner!

If you want to enjoy high-grade Hokkaido beef, I recommend "Saito Farm".

■Where is "Saito Farm"?

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■Tour guide information■
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