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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Akahoshi (赤星)| Ramen Bar | Tanukikouji, Sapporo

There are a lot of delicious ramen restaurants in Sapporo, but if you like fish-based broth, I recommend "Ramen Sapporo Akahoshi (赤星)".

It is in Tanukikoji 7 chome, the edge of Tanukikoji, and

a very small ramen restaurant, but

always packed with customers like this↓

Look at the menu! You can eat delicious ramen at the price of 500 yen only! How wonderful!

Akahoshi reminds a lot of people of shio (salt-flavor) ramen

The ramen noodles are straight, and not thin or thick.

Look at the broth! It's not fatty and very light, but tastes very rich!

One of the characteristics of the ramen here is this topping; dried laver seaweed! It really suits with this broth! Yummy x 2!

After eating the half of the ramen, please add this powder to the broth!
This is dried mackerel and garlic powder, which makes the soup have different taste!

 This is shoyu (soy-sauce flavor) ramen with extra char siu (barbecued pork).

Additional pork slices are 200 yen only! Don't you think it is very reasonable?

Please try this tender and juicy pork!

The balance of the broth and soy sauce is perfect!

This is miso ramen with akadama topping!

The soup contains fish-based broth and special miso paste!

This time, I ordered "akadama" as a topping.

Akadama is a spicy chicken ball and please break it little by little to change the taste of soup!

I love this tasty and superior cost performance ramen!

■Where is "Ramen Sapporo Akahoshi (赤星)"

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■Tour guide information■
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Anonymous said...

what is their opening hours?

K.K. said...

11:00-23:00 is their opening hours. Please enjoy!

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