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Monday, March 03, 2014

Yuigadokuson (唯我独尊)| Curry Restaurant | Furano (富良野)

I finished a tour in Furano at 17:00. I know if I returned to my home directly, I would arrive there earlier, but I really wanted to eat delicious curry, I visited "Yuigadokuson (唯我独尊)", a very popular and famous curry restaurant in the city↓

The interior is very unique!!

I can feel I'm in Furano......

I've already decided what I'll order before coming here, but I really wanted to eat something else, too, after looking at the menu! Hahaha!

This is Curry with Homemade Sausage (自家製ソーセージ付カレー), my favorite curry and rice!

This sausage is very very juicy!!!

Furano is famous for its vegetables, and the potatoes are super recommendable!!

Let's eat rice with a lot of curry, whose spice balance is perfect!!!!

Enjoy the curry as much as possible, because we can get more sauce anytime, if you say ......

"Ru - ru ru ru -" at the counter. Sounds very Furano, doesn't it?

You can adjust the taste with some spice on the table: mountain wasabi (山わさび) and sambal (サンバル).

I've arrived at JR Furano station one hour later.....

As trains for Takikawa are not available late at night,

I took a train to Asahikawa, and returned to my home......

I was so happy to have such delicious curry in Furano after a wonderful tour with my tour guests from Hawaii!!!

■Yuigadokuson (唯我独尊)■

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■Tour guide information■
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