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Friday, March 30, 2012

AGT2 cafe Hibino (あじと2 カフェ日びの)| Rice Cafe | Sapporo

Today I'll show you one of my favorite cafes, "AGT2 cafe Hibino (あじと2 カフェ日びの)", located near Toyohira River, Sapporo.

This is a rice cafe run by a rice store, featuring delicious rice and healthy ingredients. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?? Let's enter it!

There is a cute rice shop on the 1st floor, but it is NOT a normal shop.

Look at the carefully-selected rice↓ Each delicious rice bag has the producer's name and picture.

Fashionable chopsticks are sold here, too! Actually I bought two pairs of them!

Well, well, well, let's go upstairs!

I love this atmosphere!!! Very cozy cafe, isn't it?

Ornaments in this space are very fashionable!!!

Long counter seats are perfect for single dinners!

Are you interested in their healthy lunch menu?
Personally I recommend their grilled risotto. As it contains a lot of beans, we can take in sufficient vitamin B1, B2, dietary fibers, iron, and calcium from the dish.

How about today's specials? They use several types of fish containing DHA, a healty fish oil.

Desserts are very cute and appetizing! Surprisingly, they use rice or grains for the desserts, too! Wow!

Everything here is my favorite. For example, this chopstick case and hand towel holder are very cute!

This is today's special. We can have free refills on rice and miso soup. I love this wonderful system! Of course, I enjoyed two kinds of brown rice today! Hahaha!

This is "fermented brown rice".
As selected brown rice is fermented, it is easily digested. The rice is cooked with azuki beans and salt. Sounds very healthy, doesn't it?

This is "DX Asunaro brown rice".
Small brown rice is mixed with the original stock of brown rice. The blended rice is cooked with kelp seaweed and salt, and we can enjoyed the different texture at the same time. Yummy x 2!!

The side dishes are mushrooms↓ and


This is the main dish♪
Saury and vegetables are grilled with cheese! Very healthy and delicious!!!

I like this broccoli named "Romanesco". See?! This cafe is very recommendable!

I chose this home-made ginger ale. It tastes very ginger and not too sweet! Hahaha!

My choice for dessert is this↓
Do you have any idea what the brown and purple dots on the milk pudding?

They are 15 kinds of grains! 
As the dessert is not too sweet, it can be loved by everybody!

Time runs very slowly here! 

They are also eco-friendly. No extra paper is prepared here. Look at this↓ They prepare small towels in the bathroom.

I really love this cafe!

■Where is "AGT2 cafe Hibino (あじと2 カフェ日びの)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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