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Monday, April 09, 2012

DxM | Morihiko's Doughnut Cafe | Sapporo

Morihiko is one of the famous coffee roasters and cafe designers in Sapporo. I visited "DxM", one of his cafes located near Sapporo Factory, specializing doughnuts and coffee.

Everything here is cool! Open the first door, and you will find this menu.

And then open the second door, the fireplace will welcome you! I love this atmosphere!!

What should I order??? Their doughnuts are so delicious that whenever I visit Sapporo Factory (a shopping mall near this cafe), I drop by "DxM".

Let's go upstairs.
There is a looooooooong counter seats like this, and even when you come here alone, you can enjoy the meal comfortably! Time moves very slowly here!

This cafe is very stylish from any angle. This is a pic from the second floor!

This is the second floor from a different angle!

I really recommend their coffee!!
However I cannot drink it, and ordered one of the soup! Sorry I cannot show you their delicious coffee!!!

This is my lunch!!!

This is borscht, a Russian soup, which contains a lot of vegetables like this. Yummy x 2!!!

Each doughnut has its nickname like this↓
This is CABOCHA, a doughnut with soy milk and pumpkin. Very healthy, isn't it??

This is CRIMSON, a doughnut with rhubarb jam.

Have you ever eaten rhubarb?
Rhubarb is a cool season, perennial vegetable, grown for its leafstalks that have a unique tangy taste used for pies and sauces.

Do you smoke?
Don't worry about it. Its smoking room is also fashionable!!

As there are no chatty high school students nor housewives in this cafe, we can spend comfortable time eating delicious doughnuts while drinking tasty coffee here!

I should buy some doughnuts for my family members!

This is JAPONE, a doughnut with tasted soy flour and sweet potatoes!

This is OPERA, a chocolate doughnut. It's really recommendable!!!

This is CASABLANCA, a berry doughnut! They use three kinds of berries for the doughnut!!

This is AMANDA, a standard doughnut! You must try it first!

We can buy their doughnuts at Maruiimai department store, too! When you come to Odori area, please try some of them!

■Where is "DxM"?

Are you interested in his other cafe?
Please visit some of them↓

*Morihiko: Coffee cafe (←a fashionable wooden building)
*Aterier Morihiko: Coffee museum
*Marie Pierre: Sweets shop
*Plantation: Morihiko's Fourth Cafe in Shiroishi ward→Please click here, my other post on this cafe!

I really recommend all of them, which are very cool and stylish♪

■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


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