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Monday, April 23, 2012

Zensho (夕日ヶ丘レストラン善生)| Farm Restaurant | Iwamizawa

Would you like to eat delicious rice? If so, I recommend "Zensho (夕日ヶ丘レストラン善生)", a farm restaurant run by rice farmers in Iwamizawa, 40 minutes away from Sapporo.

It is always crowded with local people, and we have to wait for a while. But it is worth a wait! They are using carefully selected ingredients, some of them we can buy in this restaurant↓

I really recommend their rice especially! There is big difference between one sold at supermarkets and theirs!!!

The restaurant is like this!

From the windows, we can enjoy rural landscapes. They have still some snow, but it will be covered with vivid green grasses and plants in just one month!
One of the recommendable points here is a beautiful sunset from this hill! We have to come back here for dinner!!!!

During the lunch hours, they serve some lunch sets such as a hamburg set, a pasta set, a today's meat set, and a today's fish set. Surprisingly we can eat their delicious rice as much as possible!!!

It is a pity that their fresh vegetable and fruit juice was already sold out when we came here............... It is only 100 yen, and tastes very thick!!

Look at the drink menu!

We can order local alcohols such as Housui wine in Iwamizawa, Yamazaki wine in Mikasa, and production limited sake made by Kobayashi Sake Brewery. Sounds very attractive, doesn't it???
(If you'd like to know the sake brewery, please refer to my other post! We went to the Sake Brewery Festival the other day→click )

I really recommend this salad, which comes with every lunch set! Tastes very thick, and I love it!

This is a main for today's meat lunch set. Look at a lot of kinds of vegetables on the thick pork stake! Yummy x 2!!!

Side dishes are like this↓ We can fully enjoy delicious vegetables in this restaurant!!

This is a hamburg lunch set named a sunset lunch set!

It looks like a sunset; demi-glace sauce and cheese!!!

Hot! Hot! Hot! And yummy x 2!!!

The set has the same side dishes as today's meat lunch set.

This is milk jelly, a dessert for a sunset lunch set!

Last but not least, I'll show you their rice!! I strongly believe that this is a "real" main for their lunch sets!!

It is so delicious that I had a refill of rice!!! It is free of charge!!! Perfect, isn't it?
They blend two kinds of brand rice: Yumepirica (70%) and Nanatuboshi (30%). I've never eaten such delicious rice!!! I have to come back here to eat this super-tasty rice!!

After eating delicious rice, we ordered additional dessert!
A drink can be selected among several kinds, and I chose ginger ale↓

We had a wonderful time here!

Of course, I bought their delicious rice in this restaurant! When it's gone, I'll be back again! I became a big fan of their rice!

Black bean and soy bean snacks look great, and I bought one of them!

On the way back home, we enjoyed talking about today's lunch!! We really recommend this restraurant, serving delicious rice and vegetables!!

■Where is "Zensho (夕日ヶ丘レストラン善生)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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