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Thursday, April 19, 2012

CAFE HACK BERRY (カフェ ハックベリー)| Crepe [Crêpe] Cafe | Ebetsu

I've found a wonderful cafe, into which an old house was renovated. This is "CAFE HACK BERRY (カフェ ハックベリー)", a crepe [crêpe] cafe, located in Ebetsu, 20 away from Sapporo. Let's enter it!

I love this atmosphere! Time passes very slowly in this cafe!

Look at the cute objects on the counter! They are all my favorites!

Classical lighting, table, and wooden windows................
The cafe makes us vrelax and feel comfortable

They serve more than 30 kinds of crepes, which are made of Hokkaido flour! I like their concept; local production for local consumption!

Look at the coaster! How cute it is!

If you pay additional 200 yen, a drink comes with a crepe! How reasonable it is!

This is a crepe with fresh cream and strawberries! Yummy x 2!!

How about a crepe with fresh cream and peaches? We enjoyed both of them! Hahaha!

They serve lunch-type crepes such as a sausage crepe, a potato salad crepe, a teriyaki chicken crepe and so on! We should come here again!

I really want to try their soft ice cream and parfait, too!

When it's warm outside, the deck must be wonderful!

I've found my favorite cafe!! How lucky I am!

■Where is "CAFE HACK BERRY (カフェ ハックベリー)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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