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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Menmen (めんめん)| Japanese Vermicelli Restaurant | Iwamizawa

Have you ever heard or tried somen noodles or Japanese vermicelli? They are made of flour, and very common noodles especially during the summer time. Usually dried somen are used, but today I'll show you "Menmen (めんめん)", a somen restaurant, using fresh noodles, which are much much more delicious than dried ones. Sounds yummy x 2, doesn't it?

They serve cold and hot somen, and some other dishes such as a chicken bowl, ramen noodles and so on........

I ordered a chicken bowl and cold somen "first"!

I love this half-cooked egg! Yummy x 2!!

This is a cold somen. I'm sure this is a king of somen! The fresh noodles are very elastic & chewy like udon noodles, and unbelievably delicious!!! Please try it!!!

This poster says they use special chicken for the soup and excellent brand flour for somen. Well, well, well, the wheat for the noodles are produced in this area!!! I love something local!
After reading it..................

I ordered hot ones, too! Hahaha!
Usually I prefer cold noodles because cold ones are more springy, but their hot somen are very recommendable!!! 
Can I have another helping? Just kidding! (←You ate too much!!!)

This restaurant is located in Iwamizawa, 40 minutes away from Sapporo.

■Where is "Menmen (めんめん)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Anonymous said...

you have great taste! i adore this blog, i visit it everytime i think of Japan's food =)

K.K. said...

We have a lot of delicious foods in Japan! Please visit my blog whenever you miss Japanese cuisine♪

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