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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Araton (あら焚き豚骨 あらとん 本店)| Tsukemen Bar | Sapporo

I dropped by the most delicious tsukemen bar in Sapporo during my tour the other day. Well, tukemen is a cold or hot ramen noodles accompanied by soup for dipping. Sounds very yummy x 2, doesn't it?
"Araton (あら焚き豚骨 あらとん 本店)" located in the Sapporo Central Wholesale Off-board Maket(札幌市中央卸売場外市場) is so popular that it is always packed with tsukemen lovers.

Usually we have to wait for a while before taking a seat, but that day two seats were available when we came here! How lucky we were♪

This is the most popular tsukemen; "Araton Tsukemen".

This soup is a well-balanced blend of two kinds of broth; fish and pork bone broth. They buy fresh fish directly from the fish market. Perfect!!!

This pork is produced in Akaigawa village in Hokkaido, and very juicy!! Yummy x 2!!!

The bamboo shoots are cut a little bit bigger than normal ones, which makes us enjoy the texture very well!!

Thicker noodles go well with their condensed soup!!! I love this tsukemen!!

See? It looks very very delicious!!!

The noodles were gone quickly! Hahaha! I've never eaten such delicious tsukemen so far!!!

We can dilute the tsukemen soup with additional broth after eating the noodles. I really enjoyed this final soup, too!

As this tsukemen bar is located in the Sapporo Central Wholesale Off-board Maket(札幌市中央卸売場外市場), please enjoy this deicious tsukemen after enjoying shopping in the market!

■Where is "Araton (あら焚き豚骨 あらとん 本店)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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