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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oden Ippei (おでん一平)| Oden Restaurant Listed by Michelin Guide Hokkaido 2012 | Sapporo

Today we went to "Oden Ippei (おでん一平),  an oden restaurant listed by Michelin Guide Hokkaido 2012.

It is not a big restaurant, always packed with their frequent customers.


Their ingredients are carefully selected, and they always serve the best ones in this area!
This is meat balls and bracken↓
The broth has very sophisticated flavors!

This is deep-fried tofu bag↓

When I broke it....................
Chinese cabbage and other vegetables were simmered for a long time, and yummy x 2!

We also ordered seasonable vegetables!
This is azukina, a mountain vegetable, available for a short time in this season.

This is hanpen (fish cake), which was HUGELY swelled, and very fluffy!!!

Don't forget seafood caught in Hokkaido!
This is surf clam. The chef perfectly heated it, and it was very juicy!!!

This tuna and leek are his art works. It really suites with sake!
BTY, they have only one kind of sake here, carefully selected the best sake!! Please enjoy it with delicious oden!!

Actually I was sooooo surprised at the original cost of this mitsuba (Japanese honewort). He showed us a small box filled with this vegetable. Unbelievably, it is 15,000 yen!!! Wow!

He said, "If everybody orders mitsuba, we are in red, but we also serve oden items whose original costs are not high such as white radish..........."
Then I said, "I'll have white radish!"
He said, "Hahaha! This is on me. Here you are!"
We really enjoyed the conversation with him!

This konnyaku is made of konnyaku potatoes (elephant roots) produced in Shimonita, a famous production site of the ingredient. It tastes very delicious!!!

Gunmo (deep-fried tofu with some vegetables) and eggs are very popular oden items!

Last but not least, we ordered rice with bamboo shoot, a very seasonable vegetable in the spring time! 

This miso soup is very tasty!!!

Small egg plants are more than perfect! I love the pickles!!!

When you come here, please enjoy carefully selected ingredients, and wonderful conversation with the owner! It is a so popular restaurant that you should make a reservation in advance!

■Where is "Oden Ippei (おでん一平)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Tony said...

I havn't seen the Michelin Guide Hokkaido 2012 here in Singapore yet....

K.K. said...

Please check the Michelin Guide Hokkaido, which has a lot of recommendable restaurants! This restaurant is one of them!

Stanley said...

We went in the evening based on glowing reviews and that they are mentioned in the Michelin Guide. The lady boss actually sat us down. But when the owner found out that we couldn't speak Japanese, we were refused service and told to leave. I assume it is because of language barrier. We left quietly. But I think they should at least make an effort. Perhaps a fixed menu? As a restaurant located in touristy Sapporo, not trying is really not acceptable and might even be considered discriminatory.

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