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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Home-Made Ramen Menkoubou Takasago (手打ちラーメン・麺工房高砂)| Ramen Restaurant | Ebetsu

I finally could go to a popular ramen restaurant in Ebetsu, a city next to Sapporo. Although they serve delicious ramen, we have a very slight chance to eat it unfortunately, because the restaurant opens from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Wednesday to Saturday only. In addition, if their broth is gone, they close the restaurant.
This is "Home-Made Ramen Menkoubou Takasago (手打ちラーメン・麺工房高砂)" by JR Takasago Station↓

It is always packed with ramen lovers!

They serve several types of broth and flavors, but I recommend chicken bone-based broth (鶏白湯)!! Let me see............. What flavor should we order?

These are their hand-made ramen noodles. Before they are boiled, the owner kneads them to make the straight noodles curry!

This is salt-flavored ramen in chichen bone broth! The chicken broth goes well with salt flavor!!

This is say sauce-flavored in chicken broth, what I ordered!

The soup is very recommendable, very rich but not oily! Yummy x 2!!!

Their home-made noodles are super delicious, fitting nicely with this chicken soup!!

I'm sure this is one of my favorite ramens in Sapporo area. If you like chicken bone-based broth, this ramen restaurant should be included in your ramen list!!

■Where is "Home-Made Ramen Menkoubou Takasago (手打ちラーメン・麺工房高砂)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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