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Saturday, April 28, 2012

KINOTOYA (きのとや)| Cake Shop & Cafe | Sapporo

"Kinotoya (きのとや)" is one of the most popular cake shops and cafes in Sapporo.

Their cafes serve pizzas or bread, but when you come here, please enjoy their delicious cakes!!

Each branch serves its own original cakes, which are not available in other branches. For example, a branches in ODORI BISSE serves..................

"Omelette Parfait"!!! Looks very yummy x 2!!!

If you like fruits, it must be your favorite!

This cafe has some special services such as Sweets Festa! We can enjoy 90 minute-cake buffet, where we can order not only breakfast and lunch menus, but also all KINOTOYA sweets!

We took some cakes like this↓

This is strawberry Montblanc, a seasonably-limited cake. Looks very spring!!  

Almond-flavored cake and strawberry cream are well-balanced!

This is pear mousse, very creamy and fruity mousse!!

This is croquant cream puff, which is very croquant outside with crashed almonds, and

very creamy inside! The custard contains a lot of vanilla beans!! Yummy x 2!

I'll use this coupon very soon! A cafe at Daimaru department store offers a 500 yen set; your favorite cake and cafe or tea! Very reasonable, isn't it!!

KINOTOYA has several branches in Sapporo, such as in ODORI BISSE, Daimaru Department store, Kotoni, Shiroishi, and Marui Department Store!

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julie said...

Sensai de oishi sou na shashin arigatou. Yodare ga tomarenain desu. Watashi mo Kinotoya ga daisuki desu. Ikki de 10 ko taberareru gurai suki desu. Mata Sapporo he ikou to kangaete orimasu. ^.^`

K.K. said...

Kinotoya is super wonderful, isn't it?
Plz come to Sapporo and enjoy their cakes again :)

Cake man said...

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