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Monday, April 30, 2012

Bombay BLUE (ボンベイ・ブルー)| Indian Restaurant | Iwamizawa

I've found a great Indian restaurant in Iwamizawa!! How lucky I am!
"Bombay BLUE (ボンベイ・ブルー)", which joined Autumn Fest 2011 in Sapporo, is located near Hokkaido University of Education↓

Their interiors are blue like the ocean in Bombay! How cozy it is!

They serve a lot of kinds of Indian dishes. Let me see..............
* One portion here is very BIG. But don't worry about it! We can use a doggy bag!

Using this card, we learned some useful greetings and phrases in Hindu. "शुरुआत(シ बीयर से करेंगे(ビ (I'll have beer first!)" Hahaha!

We made good friends with each other, and talked about India, and so on.
This is how to make naan! First make the dough flat and

put it on the stone.

Swing the stone quickly, and put the naan on the stove like this! How interesting it is!

This is a "Bombay Mix Grill" set! Everything looks delicious, doesn't it?

This naan freshly from the stove was yummy x 2!! It was HUGE!!!

The set has two kinds of salad, and this Indian coleslaw is my favorite! Yummy x 2!!!

Actually I love their chicken curry very much!!

It has several BIG chunk of chicken like this! More than perfect!!!

Why is this तंदूरी मुर्ग़ (tandoori chicken) sooooooooooooo juicy?? I've never tried such delicious tandoori chicken lie this!!! Of course, this shish kebab is also very recommendable!!

It looks normal salad, but actually it isn't! The dressing is very Indian!!

We also ordered Bhindi Masala, a very popular vegetable curry with a lot of okra!!! It looks a star, and cute!!

Here comes another dish! This container looks very Indian!

This is lamb biryani. Biryani originated in Persia is rice and meat baked together in the oven!

Look at the BIG chunk of lumb, which is seasoned with Indian spice! Yummy x 2!!!

We really enjoyed their Indian dishes! I'm sure I'll be back!!

■Where is "Bombay BLUE (ボンベイ・ブルー)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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