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Monday, March 05, 2012

Homemade Soba Wakatake (手打ちそば わか竹)| Soba Restaurant | Ebetsu

"Homemade Soba Wakatake (手打ちそば わか竹)" is in Ebetsu, 15 minutes away from Sapporo by JR train. They serve veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery delicious soba noodles, attracting a lot of soba lovers in and out of the city.

We can choose a seat type; tatami mat, table, or counter seats.

What I like this restaurant is that they serve two kinds of soba; yabu (藪), brown noodles using whole  buckwheat grain, and sarasina (更科), whitish noodles using only the center of buckwheat grain.

They carefully select their ingredients especially seafood for their broth. Of course they don't use chemical seasonings at all.

First, buckwheat tea is served.

This is a menu for hot soba.

Personally I prefer cold soba so that I can enjoy the distinctive aroma of buckwheat!

Look at this one! They serve Inari zushi, whose age or deep-fried tofu is cooked with soba seasonings and broth! Sounds yummy x 2!

Here comes Inari zushi
Usually this kind of sushi is a little bit sweet to me, but this one is just right!

This is hot yabu (藪) with prawn tempura! How HUGE the prawns are!!

Wow! Wow! Wow! We'll be full when we eat it up! Can I eat dinner??? Hahaha!

Usually I love yabu (藪), but I really recommend sarashina (更科) in this resraurant. This is a cold sarashina and hot soy sauce-based soup set. Please dip the noodles in the hot soup.

Sliced pork & onions combination is perfect!

We fully enjoyed the distinctive aroma of soba! I believe soba should be swallowed without a lot of chewing in order to enjoy the sensation of soba going down the throat and the wonderful sent of buckwheat flour!!

Their soba noodles are thinner than usual ones. Sake must go well with this sarashina!

After eating more than half of soba, please add this homemade chili oil to soba soup, which is a very unique way to eat soba, but you must love it!

Last but not least, we enjoyed sobayu (そば湯), soba soup with hot water left in the pot after soba noodles have been boiled.

I've never known chili oil is excellent with sobayu!

Just for reference, soba is the best season in the autumn, and they serve freshly-harvested soba such as "Kikouuchi Seiro (生粉打ちせいろ)"↓

I really love 100% pure (十割) seasonable soba with distinctive aroma! Yummy x 2!!!!

Don't miss the best season to enjoy seasonable and delicious soba in this restaurant!!!!

■Where is "Homemade Soba Wakatake (手打ちそば わか竹)"?

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