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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Le Midi (ル・ミディ)| French Restaurant | Kitahiroshima

"Le Midi (ル・ミディ)" is my favorite French restaurant located in a residential area in Kitahiroshima, just 15 minutes away from Sapporo.

It was snowing in Sapporo today. Can spring be far behind???

This is a cozy and cute French restarurant♪ I sometimes visit here for lunch.

We chose a C lunch set as usual because we wanted to eat both meat and fish. Hahaha!

Wine and beer can be selected among several choices.

My friend selected this pumpkin potage. Yummy x 2!! It comes in the BIG soup dish!

This is mine.
I love vegetables, and chose "scallops and pickles". Some sweet potato was included in the pickles!!! Isn't it very unique???

I recommend their home-made bread. As it is very delicious, we asked for another helping twice!

■Main (Fish): Grilled salmon with herb and lemon sauce
The herbs were grown in their garden. Look at the cut dish!!

Under a lot of vegetables..............

Hokkaido salmon was completely hidden! The balance of herb sauce and salmon is perfect♪

■Main (Meat)
This is beef steak with mustard sauce.

And this is main.
The pork was stewed with blue-berried honeysuckles and

very tender like this. I just put a fork on the meat! It is very appetizing and recommendable!!!

Among several desserts, we chose

apple tart, chocolate cake, and raspberry sherbet. Every dessert tasted so wonderful that we were so excited!!!

I'll be back!!!

■Where is "Le Midi (ル・ミディ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
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