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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Asian Kitchen AGO-HIGE (亜細亜の台所 AGO-HIGE)| Asian Restaurant | Sapporo

"Asian Kitchen AGO-HIGE (亜細亜の台所 AGO-HIGE)", located near JR Sapporo Station, serves delicious Asian food to suit Japanese tastes.

Let's enter it!

It is a very popular restaurant, and packed with a lot of Asian food lovers especially during the lunch hours.

They serve several types of pho (Vietnamese rice noodles) and Thai curry for the lunch hours.

And we ordered both of the main dishes! Hahaha!

Smells very Southeast Asia!!
I love the condiment and spices that are used there!!

This is "Sapporo pho". Why Sapporo? Because they use fresh noodles, which are made of Yukuhikari, a brand rice produced in Rankoshi, Hokkaido.

Some potherb mustard, not coriander, is on the noodles to suit Japanese tastes.
Although I prefer coriander,  I like this Sapporo verion, too.

The fresh noodles were very elastic and chewy!! Yummy x 2!!

I added a lot of nam pla, Thai condiment, to the pho!! I love Thai food!

The chicken was very tender and tasty!
Just for reference, clam pho in this restaurant is also recommendable! Please try it!!

This is a Thai green curry set!

This small salad and

rice come with the curry!

Look at it! It contains a lot of vegetables!!

It is comfortably spicydelicious, and really recommendable!!

This is the No. 1 lunch item in this restaurant!

■Where is "Asian Kitchen AGO-HIGE (亜細亜の台所 AGO-HIGE)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Tony said...

chicken meat looks big!

Oyome-san said...

lurve green curry...will have to keep this place in mind when I am next in that area.

K.K. said...

So do the vegetables!
Actually I love Thai food, and sometimes visit this restaurant for lunch♪

K.K. said...

This restaurant is near L-Plaza♪ The curry is a little bit spicy, but I love it because it's spicy! Hahaha!
Please enjoy it!

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