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Friday, March 16, 2012

Cafe Umizaruya (カフェ 海猿舎)| Mashike

After eating delicious seafood bowls and shrimp tempura at "Sushi Matsukura (寿司のまつくら)", we went to "Cafe Umizaruya (カフェ 海猿舎)" to relax and get local information.

This is a small, but very cozy cafe.

As I don't drink coffee, I was checking the dessert menu........... They serve different cakes depending on the season.

Those two look very delicious!

This freshly-made grapefruit smoothie is like sherbet! I love it♪

This chocolate pound cake with walnuts are made by "SKANPIN (スカンピン)", a popular bakery in Mashike. The ice cream with vanilla beans are very tasty, and goes well with this rich pound cake!

We've got several useful local information from the owner, and started the city tour! 
Let's go!

■Where is "Cafe Umizaruya (カフェ 海猿舎)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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