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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cherry Blossom Forecast 2012

The Japan Weather Association announced the sakura or cherry blossom forecast in 2012.

Below are the expected dates of sakura opening and estimated best periods to enjoy the blossoms.
Weather conditions such as rain, wind, and temperatures can have great influence on the process. Please use the forecasts when you plan to come to Japan, but check the real situations frequently!

LocationOpeningEstimated Best Viewing  
TokyoMarch 30April 5 to 14
KyotoMarch 31April 7 to 16
FukuokaMarch 29April 6 to 15
HiroshimaMarch 31April 7 to 15
OsakaMarch 31April 7 to 15
NaraMarch 31April 6 to 14
YoshinoApril 6April 11 to 23
NagoyaMarch 29April 5 to 13
YokohamaMarch 31April 6 to 13
HirosakiApril 23April 28 to May 6
HakodateMay 2May 5 to 12
SapporoMay 4May 7 to 14

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