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Monday, March 26, 2012

Takahashi Ryoriten (たかはし料理店。)| Reasonable & Healthy Staff Canteen | Sapporo

Do you want to eat healthy homemade-type Japanese dishes in the downtown area of Sapporo? If so, I recommend "Takahashi Ryoriten (たかはし料理店。)"↓ 

Located in the current Hokkaido Government building across the former one↓, this staff cafeteria is open to the public.

Let's enter it!

There is a normal cafeteria on the B1F, but please ignore it! Hahaha! This is a typical cheap dining area...........

Go up to the top floor, and you can find this fashionable staff canteen!

Are you with your family members or friends? Please use a big table.

If you are alone, how about the counter seats? Isn't that great??? We can enjoy the beautiful view from the top floor!

You must become happy to see this cityscape! Look at the ski jump on Mt. Okura!

The location is also perfect! The Hokkaido Government building is between Odori Park and JR Sapporo station. We can easily drop by this dining area after sightseeing or shopping.

During the lunch hours, a "Myself lunch plate" is recommendable. More than 10 kinds of home-made type Japanese dishes are selectable, and we can make our own lunch set.

Fish, meat, vegetables........... All of them are very healthy!

Desserts and drinks are also served.
If you're hungry after the lunch hours, I recommend a "cheff's special lunch set". Do you have any idea how much is it???

A. It is only 500 yen!!!
Wow! Wow! Wow! How reasonable it is!

*It is NOT served before 13:30.

I've found special eggs, another special items!
How unique are the eggs? The hatchery building is a large open space, similar to the nature. The healthy hens lay delicious eggs!! Sounds yummy x 2!!!

This is an "Omakase teisyoku" or a "chef's special lunch set", which comes with rice and miso soup!

These are typical home-made type Japanese dishes; low in calories and high in protein! The set is nutritionally well-balanced, including seafood, and a lot of vegetables and beans.

How about home-made furikake (seasoned dried seafood)?

Please sprinkle it on rice! It was very delicious and recommendable!

Have you ever heard black bean tea? It is good for your health and beauty! If you're worried about your high cholesterol and body fat, please try it! Your condition can get better! Actually it is very testy!

■Where is "Takahashi Ryoriten (たかはし料理店。)"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


Yass said...

What a long and interesting story it is, you've written after your short stay in the restaurant to have lunch! I was suspicious of your frequent absence from your seat, but I got the reason why you're like that as soon as I read this. See you! Yass

K.K. said...

I love this cafeteria very much, and may use it for my tour guests in the near future! Actually as healthy Japanese diet is very popular among non-Japanese people, some have asked me which restaurants serve typical Japanese dishes at reasonable prices in the downtown area.
We had a wonderful time, didn't you?

Tony said...

Healty food, Yums!

K.K. said...

Yes! It is very healthy, very delicious, and very reasonable! Perfect, isn't it??

Oyome-san said...

Oh THIS looks good!!!! Can you see the Dochou gardens from the window seats??? Other useful company canteeens downtown are: the Hokkaido Shimbun, Hokkaido Bank.....check them out. But this looks great!

K.K. said...

Actually I'm so excited to find such a wonderful canteen!! It is only 500 yen and very healthy!
Yes, we can see the "part" of the garden.

Thank you for company canteen info, Oyome-san! I'll try both of them soon!

Noey PB said...

So interested
I want to know that,650 yen for only 1 round to get food or much round

K.K. said...

>Noey PB
Just one round......... Sorry, but it is very recommendable!!

Narerkrit Sinrachtanant said...

I have heard the place is closed since early this year. Is it permanent? When will they open again? Thank you K.K.san

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