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Monday, March 12, 2012

Best Western Hotel SAPPORO NAKAJIMA KOEN (ベストウェスタンホテル 札幌中島公園)| Budget Hotel | Sapporo

There are a lot of budget hotels in Sapporo. If you want to stay near Susukino, but don't like city noise, how about "Best Western Hotel Sapporo Nakajima Koen (ベストウェスタンホテル 札幌中島公園)", located between Susukino and Nakajima park?

Let's enter it!

 My tour guests and I love this balloon snowmen at the entrance!

It has LAWSON on the 1st floor so that we can easily go shopping even at night!

How about this cafe bar on the 1st floor? We have a party at night, too!

I love this service. We can choose our favorite aroma for shampoo and body soap!

This is a specious room! Look at the desk in front of the window!

The desk is big enough to use a computer! As it is not faced to the wall, we can easily have an enjoyable conversation while taking a saet.

The "Plasmacluster", which actually I also use at home, thoroughly cleans the air in the room. Perfect!

The bathroom is not bad, right?

They serve a wide variety of dishes for breakfast. Some of the ingredients are produced in Hokkaido, and we can enjoy tasty local food here!

Freshly-cooked dishes come from this open kitchen one after another!

Look at the special eggs, which are rich in nutrition! We, Japanese, eat natto with raw egg! Yummy x 2!!

We've found the unique soy sauce! This one contains blueberry extract! Interesting, isn't it?

 Salted cod row is one of the popular toppings for rice in Hokkaido!

Look very healthy, don't they? They serve some kinds of grilled fish!

 Our staple food is rice and they serve two kinds; "Nanatsuboshi", a brand rice in Hokkaido, and

rice porridge. Please put your favorite toppings including Hokkaido delicious salmon on the porridge!

Do you prefer bread to rice for breakfast?
Don't worry about it!

Hokkaido is famous for its delicious dairy products including yogurt!

The vegetables are also delicious in Hokkaido! Actually one of the main industries in Hokkaido is agriculture! The soil is very fertile here!

Dressing is selectable, and this is my favorite, grapefruit one! Sounds appetizing, doesn't it?

Hokkaido reminds some of you of delicious potatoes!

See! We can enjoy a variety of dishes for breakfast!

This miso-flavored pork was so delicious that I had seconds! Hahaha!

Some kinds of soup, pasta,

and fried vegetables..........

This is my breakfast!

Considering the quality of its rooms and breakfast, and its location, "Best Western Hotel SAPPORO NAKAJIMA KOEN (ベストウェスタンホテル 札幌中島公園)" is one of the recommendable hotels in Sapporo!!

■Where is this hotel?

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■Tour guide information■
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Tony said...

food looks yummy!

K.K. said...

One of the best things in Hokkaido is its delicious food! Yummy x 2!!!

Oyome-san said...

interesting! but they really should make the entrance area more attractive...I looked the other day and thought: oh that hotel still isn't open, business must be bad!

K.K. said...

Hotel industry, on the whole, has faced a difficult time since the disaster, but I believe more people will come back to Hokkaido very soon! Actually I feel it now!

Mel Chan said...

Hi KK,
I checked this hotel rates and it said 7,200 JPY after discount. It didn't give any information as the price is for one room or one person.
Would you please kindly tell us?
Thanks in advance ^^

K.K. said...

>Mel Chan,
See the details↓

Have a wonderful trip!

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