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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sushi Matsukura (寿司のまつくら)| Sushi Bar | Mashike

Mashike (増毛) is a fishing town along the Sea of Japan, and very famous for its fresh and delicious seafood, especially northern shrimps!
Today I'll show you "Sushi Matsukura (寿司のまつくら)", one of the popular sushi bars in Mashike, serving surprisingly gorgeous seafood bowls!

Let's enter it!

See??? They serve very gorgeous seafood bowls!!! If you eat up the jamb-version of seafood bowl  (below) alone, you can get a cash voucher, and win the right to try "super-jamb" seafood bowl! Hahaha!

First, we ordered northern shrimp tempura↓

Hot! Hot! Hot!
It is very tasty and sweet! Northern shrimps caught off Mashike are much sweeter than ones we can eat in Sapporo!

This is a northern shrimp bowl! We cannot see rice!!!! We've never seen such many shrimps on rice! Yummy x 2!

The shrimp miso soup comes with any seafood bowl!

It is not normal miso soup. I would say it is rather rich shrimp broth!

This is a seafood bowl! Have you ever seen such a perfect seafood bowl? Unbelievably, it is only 2,520 yen!!! We checked all sashimi on the rice, while eating it!!
Are you ready??? Seafood show will start! I'll show you the fresh seafood on the rice!

Northern shrimps!
Mashike remainds us of fresh and delicious northern shrimps!!!

Sea urchin! Salmon roe!! flying fish roe!
This sea urchin was so fresh and sweet that we could not stop laughing!

The yellowtail sashimi was so thick that we were very surprised!!!

The scallop was very plump and yummy!!

Sakhalin surf clam is one of the typical shellfish caught off Hokkaido only, and very recommendable! Look at the salmon, herring row, crab meat .................


And abalone!!! A whole abalone! We were in the seafood heaven! Hahaha!

I really recommend their seafood bowls!!

■Where is "Sushi Matsukura (寿司のまつくら)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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