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Friday, March 09, 2012

Suzuki Kamaboko Ten (鈴木かまぼこ店)|Kamaboko (Deep-Fried Fish Paste) Specialty Shop | Rumoi

Rumoi is a wonderful coastal town! Do you like kamaboko, or deep-fried fish paste? Is so, why don't you drop by "Suzuki Kamaboko Ten (鈴木かまごこ店)" when you come to this area?

This is a 50-year-old Kamaboko Specialty store, using only fresh fish caught off this area. The secret recipe is not only the selected delicious seafood, but their stone mills to make fish paste! The stone is kept the ingredients cool while it is ground. I see.............

They will deep-fry fish paste after getting orders! Sounds perfect! Hot! Hot! Hot!

They serve ten kinds of kamaboko;  kamaboko with octopus, hot spice, leeks & gingers, shrimps, onions, hijiki seaweed, corn, vegetables, green soy beans, and plain ones.

Of course I've got all of the kinds! Hahaha!

"Jyaran (じゃらん)", a famous travel magazine features this shop, too!

 Hot! Hot! Hot! On the way back home, I ate some of them............

They are supposed to be presents for my family members.......... But you know, their kamaboko looked so delicious that I couldn't stand not to eat it................. Hahaha!
(I have to get something else for them......)

■Where is "Suzuki Kamaboko Ten (鈴木かまぼこ店)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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