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Friday, March 09, 2012

Jyanome Zushi (蛇の目寿司)| Sushi Bar | Rumoi

In order to eat delicious sushi at very reasonable prices, we came to Rumoi, a coastal city, from Takikawa by local train↓

How unique the train is! It is very old-fashioned!! Look at the panel! I've never seen such a price table on the train, not on the bus!!!
Actually like a bus, we should get a ticket when we take the train, and pay a train fare when we get off the train. Interesting!

Look at the table!! Are we in the 21st century??? I feel like I came back to the 20th century!

On the way to the city, we passed very traditional wooden stations like this! We were so excited!

Well, well, well, I'll get back on the track! Please go straight on "Kaiun Daruma Sreet", and 

you will find "Jyanome Zushi (蛇の目寿司)", which is very famous and popular, serving very delicious sushi at very reasonable prices!

The sushi chefs are so friendly that I recommend to take a seat at the bar! They serve very interesting sushi like whale sushi, but today...........

we ordered "Jyanome (蛇の目) special sushi". Can you believe that the set includes 21 kinds of sushi and is only 2,500 yen??? It is tooooooo reasonable!!!!

Here comes the very reasonable set! I've never seen one sushi set is divided into two dishes!!! The soup with a shrimp head was very tasty!!

Again, can you believe that it is only 2,500 yen??? Are we in the heaven??? Hahaha!

The conger eel was very soft like tofu! Yummy x 2!! The set includes expensive sushi pieces such as sea urchin, salmon roe, and arch shell!!!

It also includes abalone and toro (high-grade tuna)!

The owner and I went well with each other, and he served extra sushi free of charge!!! So that means I ate 23 pieces of sushi today!! Wow! Wow! Wow!

We were really happy to be here!
This is the information about the sushi bar↓ You must come here!

■Where is "Jyanome Zushi (蛇の目寿司)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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