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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Himezakura (馬肉料理 和牛もつ鍋 姫桜)| Restaurant of Horse Dishes and Motsunabe (Beef Guts Pot) | Sapporo

Horse meat is very healthy, high in protein, and low in calories.  If you want to eat delicious horse meat, I recommend "Himezakura (馬肉料理 和牛もつ鍋 姫桜)" in Susukino, Sapporo.

They serve a lot of kinds of sake & Shochu or distilled alcohol, which really go well with horse dishes.


While eating the appetizer, we were so excited about looking at the menu! What should we order?

■Horse sashimi
We ordered three kinds of horse sasimi; horse loin, neck, and rib! Each part has different taste and texture! I like neck the best, which contains a lot of glycogen! Yummy x 2!!

Two kinds of condiment; ginger and garlic, and two kind of sauce; special soy sauce and miso sauce, are served for the sashimi. Depending on the part, we enjoyed the different combination for it!

■Grilled horse tongue
It's more tender and juicy than beef tongue. Would you like to try it? Hahaha!

■Beef guts pot
As it is still cold in Hokkaido, we wanted to eat something hot, and ordered this beef guts pot! Soup can be selected among four flavors; miso, salt, soy sauce, and tomato, and we chose salt soup! It contains a lot of collagen, which makes us, we believe, more beautiful!!!!! The wagyu beef was so delicious that we were very happy!

After eating up beef guts and vegetables, we usually put rice into the broth to make rice porridge!

Rice absorbs the delicious broth and it is very delicious!!!!

■Horse sushi
We ordered five kinds; fillet, loin, rib, leg, and yukke horse meat. I love the yukke the best, which is like beef liver sashimi, but less meaty. Perfect, isn't it?

We really enjoyed horse dishes and wagyu beef guts pot today!

■Where is "Himezakura (馬肉料理 和牛もつ鍋 姫桜)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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ben said...

I've only tried horse sashimi once in a yakitori restaurant and it was good. Thanks for your post. I will definitely check this place out.


K.K. said...

This restaurant is very recommendable, serving various kinds of horse dishes!
Yummy x 2!!!

Edo san said...

This looks so good! I had horse sashimi in Tokyo and I loved it with ginger and shoyu!

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