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Friday, March 02, 2012

Menya Miyabi (麺や 雅 石狩本店)| Ramen restaurant | Ishikari

"Menya Miyabi (麺や 雅 石狩本店)" is a ramen restaurant, located in Ishikari city, 30 minutes away from Sapporo.

The seat type is selectable, table or tatami seats. As they make ramen at the open kitchen, we can enjoy watching their cooking performance.

Beside the tatami floor, there is a noodle making room.

Their homemade noodles are very delicious and recommendable!

What this ramen restrant makes unique is that we can choose the noodle type; thick, or wavy & thin types.

Look at varieties of ramen! Which should we order???

If you want to order a large helping of noodles, you can choose three additional sizes; half portion more, one portion more, and one and half portion more.

They have original spice, too! Perfect, isn't it? We can customize our own ramen by ourselves!

Here comes bar-shaped pork dumplings, which really suit ramen!

This is roasted soy sauce ramen (焼醤油ラーメン)! As soy sauce is roasted on the pan, we can enjoy distinctive aroma!
Personally I recommend their "roast series"!

Thin and wavy noodles are recommendable for say sauce flavored ramen! Yummy x 2!

Char ciu is thinly sliced and very tender!

Their seasoned half boiled eggs are my favorite! Would you like to try it?

We ordered roasted miso ramen (焼味噌ラーメン), too!
Roasted miso is really appetizing!

I definitely recommend thick noodles for miso ramen! As their thick noodles are one of the thickest noodles in Hokkaido, you must be suprized at the diameter!

Miso ramen also has the same type of egg that soy sauce ramen has♪

Look at the char ciu!
The char ciu is different! It is cut into thick strips so that we can enjoy the pork taste more! I like the concept that the chefs change the kinds or shape of toppings depending on the soup or broth!

The lunch sets on weekdays are very reasonable!
A ramen and a side dish (pork dumping, cury and rice, or char ciu bowl) are only 700 yen or 800 yen! You must go there!

■Where is "Menya Miyabi (麺や 雅 石狩本店)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Tony said...

The bar-shaped pork dumplings are quite unique! My fave is miso ramen ^^

K.K. said...

Sapporo is famous for its miso ramen, while sio (salt) flavor for Hakodate, and soy sauce flavor for Asahikawa and Kushiro. Yummy x 2!!!
Are you interested in the unique pork dumplings? Plz try them!

James Ho said...

Hi KK, we have a Menya Miyabi outlet in my home town Penang, Malaysia. Supposedly the first outside of Japan. Sadly, it's very pricey and not that good. Looking forward to visiting Hokkaido and feasting on original Sapporo ramen!

K.K. said...

>James Ho
Please come to Hokkaido, and enjoy authentic ramen here!!

Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen said...

Good post! Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen definately best in town, another review here at

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