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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yabusoba (藪蕎麦) | Soba Restaurant | Akkeshi

Akkeshi is famous for its delicious oysters.

Let's eat super-great oyster soba in the station area! Bravo!!! Actually, I love oysters produced in this town very much!

Let's enter it!

They serve several kinds of soba and other dishes, but I recommend these three;

oyster soba, oyster bowl, and asari clam bowl. I ordered the first one. Whenever I come to this town, I always eat this tasty soba!! Hahaha!

This is oyster soba!

The delicious homemade soba is topped with freshly deep-fried oyster tempura, which is crispy outside and juicy inside!

It tastes very milky, creamy, dense, and rich!! I love it!!

The juice of oyster is poured into the soba soup, with which the soba is entangled! Yummy x 2!!

It is so delicious that some newspapers feature it!

When you come to Akkeshi, please try oyster dishes! You must be impressed with the appetizing oysters!

■Where is "Yabusoba (藪蕎麦)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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