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Monday, August 20, 2012

MASUYA MUGIOTO (ますやパン 麦音) | Bakery | Obihiro

"MASUYA (ますやパン)" is a very popular bakery in Obihiro, using local ingredients such as wheat and vegetables. Today I'll show you "MASUYA MUGIOTO (ますやパン 麦音)", one of its branches↓

We can eat their bread at the terrace or courtyard. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

It opens at 6:55 a.m. When we arrived at this bakery at around 7:30, it was already packed with a lot of customers!! How popular the bakery is!!

A lot of types of delicious bread are carried fresh from the oven one after another..........

Their ingredients are almost all from this area, which is very famous for agriculture.

First, I bought my family members some bread such as brown rice bread↓,

Amaou strawberry bread↓, and

prawn sandwich with chili and tartar sauce. They must love it!!

After choosing some of the berad for breakfast, we went to the terrace.

Chowder and coffee are free of charge! I love this service!!!

Would you like to drink cold barley tea during the summer time? It is also free of charge!

The facility has a windmill like this. Very interesting, isn't it?

At the courtyard, some wheat is dried in this season.

This is our choice today!

"Tokachi beef curry bread (とかち牛カレーぱん)" has all delicious ingredients produced in Tokachi area.

This crispy bread has a lot of delicious beef and beans. Yummy x 2!!

This croque-monsieur has delicious ham and cheese! I love it!

How about this marron cabatta (マロンチャバタ)? The chewy and elastic cabatta contains a lot of high-grade marron glace!! Perfect!!

Would you like desserts? How about soft ice cream without any additives?

The milk is from Asunaro Farming in Shimizu Town near Obihiro. It is very creamy, and just like frozen rich milk!

I really recommend this bakery!!

■Where is "MASUYA MUGIOTO (ますやパン 麦音)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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