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Sunday, August 19, 2012

MISSU HOUSE FUSHIMI MAIN SHOP (ミッシュハウス伏見本店)| Ice Cream & Parfait Cafe | Sapporo

This is one of my favorite gelato parlors in Sapporo, located near Mt. Moiwa.

They have a take-out corner on the first floor, and I recommend..........

"Zenzai monaka (ぜんざいモナカ)", vanilla ice cream with red bean jam! Yummy x 2!

Look at this poster! Their crab ice cream, sunflower seed ice cream, and coffee ice cream got awards in the FOODEX JAPAN2012!
Actually they make more than 10 flavors, and I've tried eight of them! All of them are so delicious that I'm crazy about their ice cream!

We went to the second floor to eat some parfait today!

As it is a sunny day today, we chose terrace seats!

It is always packed with ice cream & parfait lovers like this↓

Let us check the menu! They serve monthly parfait. We must order it of course!!!

How about seasonal limited parfait? We should also order it!! Hahaha!

This is "Lemon berry parfait (レモンベリーパフェ)", available only during the summer time. The raspberry mousse and lemon jelly really go well with the lemon ice cream! Perfect for the summer time!!!

This is "Mango fruit parfait (マンゴフルーツパフェ)", a monthly parfait in August. It is filled with mango, my favorite fruit!!! I really love mango mousse below the delicious milk ice cream!!! Yummy x 2!!

How about "Green tea parfait (抹茶パフェ)"?
Their green tea ice cream taste very creamy, and this is one of my favorite items in this cafe!

■Where is "MISSU HOUSE FUSHIMI MAIN SHOP (ミッシュハウス伏見本店)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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