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Friday, August 03, 2012

Rokkasansou (六花山荘)| Japanese Restaurant in the Forest | Nakafurano

If you like a calm, peaceful and sophisticated restaurant in a forest, I recommend "Rokkasansou (六花山荘)" located in Nakafurano.

This restaurant serve by appointment only. Please make a reservation in advance! After crossing the bridge, you will arrive at the secret restaurant! Why secret? Their website doesn't have their map. After the reservation, they will tell the visitors the location. 

"Welcome to our restaurant!"

There are six tables only. Children under 12 years old are not allowed to enter this area. Yes! This is a space for adults who would like to enjoy peaceful atmosphere!

The courses are changeable depending on the month. Well, well, well, I'll show you a lunch course menu in June.

Rices are selectable among the two kinds: bean rice (including runner beans, soybeans, red beans, kidney bean, black beans, and young soy beans) and scallop rice. I chose the latter one. Yummy x 2!
The miso soup has slices of turnip and deep-fried tofu. My guests really loved this soup, and had second helpings.
The snap garden peas with pasted tofu are also delicious. We felt they use carefully selected ingredients only!

Actually, the dishes are served in a big plate, and dished it out.
The cucumber pickles are sweet, sour and a little bit spicy. How yummy it is!

This dish looks simple, but actually really complicated. The burdock roots, minced chicken, and kidney beans are cooked separately, but served in the same plate. Sounds very professional, doesn't it?

I love this very creamy croquette!!! Prawns are not minced, but used as they are!

The steamed pork dumplings are very juicy! I really love them!!

After finishing these courses, the cook come to the dinning table with white asparagus picked on that day, and ask how many asparagus the guests would like to eat. How wonderful the service is! After the order, they start to boil the delicious local asparagus!!!

Last, but not least, the desserts are also selectable among two kinds; baumkuchen and almond jelly.

And I chose the first one because I love baumkuchen produced by Rokkatei (六花亭), one of the leading confectionery companies in Hokkaido.
Yes, this restaurant is produced by the famous sweets company.

After lunch, we enjoyed ink paintings in the restaurant, and then went out to the veranda to enjoy the nature!

This restaurant is surrounded with the forest, and we enjoyed the sounds of the winds, and singing birds.

The time tickled by very slowly here...............

If you have a chance to come to Furano, please visit here, and enjoye the delicious Japanese food with the perfect surroundings!!

■Where is "Rokkasansou (六花山荘)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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