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Saturday, August 18, 2012

La libera (ラリベラ)| Italian Restaurant | Obihiro

Obihiro is famous for its pork bowls (豚丼), but if you want to eat something different, how about "La libera (ラリベラ)", an Italian restaurant?

It takes about 15 minutes from JR Obihiro station to the restaurant on foot.

It is so popular that I recommend you to make a reservation in advance! Well, well, well, let's enter it!

Very comfortable atmosphere, isn't it??

I love the candle on the table, which makes me very relax!

They serve three kinds of courses; 3,700 yen, 5,300 yen, and 7,400 yen, and I ordered the middle one. Actually, I wanted to try the most expensive one, but I didn't know the course is advance order only...............  Anyway, I'll show you the 5,300 yen course, whose ingredients are almost from this area!

■Red Bell Pepper Involtini
This pepper was produced in Nemuro (根室), eastern part of Hokkaido. When I cut it,...............

tuna salad is wrapped with this colorful vegetable! Looks so cute!

■Deep-fried zucchini
Local scallops are wrapped with the flowers. Yummy x 2!!!

Tomatoes produced in Otohuke (音更) near Obihiro, is wrapped with this ravioli. The combination of sweet local tomatoes and cheese are perfect!

Of course the bread is homemade! I ordered it twice! Hahaha!

Do you know Kitaakari (北あかり), a variety of potatoes in Hokkaido? The sweeter potatoes go well with this cheese source!

■Grilled sea bream with fresh tomato sauce
The tomatoes taste unbelievably sweet and rich! I love it!

■Grilled duck with cauliflower paste
I recommend it the best among the all dishes! The duck meat produced in Takikawa (滝川) is very juicy, and the cauliflower sauce is perfectly delicious!

■Creme brulee with fresh peach
See!? Every dish is made with local ingredients! The peach tastes very dense and yummy x 2!!

As I don't like coffee, I ordered rose tea.

We had a wonderful time in Obihiro!

■Where is "La libera (ラリベラ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?I'll guide you! Plz click here!


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