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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Soba Cafe (そば cafe)| Itadakimasu Company (いただきますカンパニー) | Obihiro

"Itadakimasu Company (いただきますカンパニー)" located in Obihiro operates several seasonable cafes outdoors. One of them is "Soba Cafe (そば cafe)". We visited there on the 15th of August.

The site is near "Uemura Naomi Obihiro Outwards-bounds School (植村直己帯広野外学校), about one hour away from JR Obihiro station. As we arrived here a little bit earlier than we expected, we went up to the facility↓

If I were a child, I wanted to spend a facility like this for at least one month!!

Just for reference, this is information and background of Mr. Naoki Uemura, a famous adventurer in the world.

 Look at the buckwheat field! How huge it is!

"Soba Cafe (そば cafe)" is just in front of the field owned by Mr. Soma.

Tables and chairs are set up like this. I love this atmosphere!

Look at the buckwheat flowers! We could enjoy the time tricked by very slowly here!

Mr. Nochimura, an owner of "Clover (玄葉)", a soba restaurant, made soba from buckwheat flour  produced in this field by Mr. Soma!

He added water to the buckwheat, and kneaded it for a while to make soba dough.

 Only with the rolling pin, he made the circle dough to

the square dough!!! How professional he is!!

Dushing some flour on the pin and the dough, he cut it very thinly!

 Look very delicious, don't they?

Mr. Soma, its producer, and guests including us tried to cut the dough, but............

These are like udon noodles! Hahaha!

Until the soba served, we enjoyed shopping on the cafe counter.
Look at Tokachi Bran Mix, pancake mix, made of local flour only!

Have you ever heard buckwheat honey? Sounds yummy x 2!!!

This is buckwheat flour produced by Mr. Soma.

How about eggs from floor feeding poultry raised by Mr. Kusanagi? As it looked appealing, I put it on..................

hot rice, and enjoyed it! Yummy x 2!!

Here comes soba!!

Looking at the beautiful buckwheat flour flowers,

 we enjoyed very fragrant soba! How happy we are!!!

Next, I want to try their "potato cafe" in the autumn time!

■Where is "Soba Cafe (そば cafe)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Oyome-san said...

Do you have to make a reservation for this? Or does he do it every day at set times?

K.K. said...

This is a seasonally-limited cafe, and unfortunately it was over the other day in this season.
The company plans the "potato cafe" in the fall. We don't have to make a reservation. Plz enjoy!

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