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Friday, August 10, 2012

Sushi-Making Experience (寿司握り体験)| Otaru Masa-zushi (Main Sushi Bar) (おたる政寿司本店)| Otaru

Otaru has a long history as a thriving fishing port town. There are more than 100 large and small sushi bars in the city thanks to abundant fish and shellfish with many varieties at low prices.

There is even a street called Sushi Street (寿司屋通り) because of the dozens of sushi restaurants lined up along the street. We went to Otaru Masa-zushi (おたる政寿司) today to experience sushi-making!

First, we took a sushi lecture from a professional sushi chef↓ It is very difficult to follow his instruction, but we enjoyed "experiencing" making it! Hahaha!

The ingredients such as sashimi and vinegared rice were already prepared on the table. Are you ready?

Before making sushi, we put our hands into ice water to make them cool!

These are my art works! Well, well, well, I cannot be a professional sushi chef, can't I? Hahaha!

Then we went downstairs, and compared authentic sushi made by a professional chef with my unique one!! 

I love making sushi by myself, but of course, sushi made by experienced chefs is much much more delicious! Hahaha!

■Bluefin Tuna


■Pink Shrimp


■Japanese Flying Squid

■Sea bream

■Salmon Roe & Flying Fish Roe


All of the fish was very fresh, and we really enjoyed the authentic sushi (as well as sushi DIY)!

■Where is Otaru Masa-zushi?

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■Tour guide information■
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