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Friday, August 17, 2012

FURANO MARCHE (フラノマルシェ)| Food Complex | Furano

If you want to fully enjoy something local in Furano in one place, I recommend "FURANO MARCHE (フラノマルシェ)"↓

It is a new facility with four areas; a farmers market, a sweet cafe, a souvenir shop, and a food court.

This is "HOGAR(オガール)", a farmers market.

Furano is famous for its delicious vegetables and fruits.

This is "SABOR (サボール)", a sweets cafe comoplex. "Bus Stop (ばすすとっぷ)" serves delicious ice cream!

This is tomato sundae, a seasonal product in summer. I really recommend this tomato jam made of local fully-ripened tomatoes.

When you enter this building,

there is also a bakery.

At "Cazeres (カゼール)", a sweets cafe, I recommend Furano melon smoothie during the summer time!!

We had a wonderful time at this patio in the complex!

How about "AREGENT (アルジャン)", a souvenir shop?

I'm sure they have everything produced in Furano such as local sweets and

lavender goods.

Last but not least, we visited "FURADISH (フラディッシュ)", a food court.

As I wanted to try Furano Hamburger, I dropped by "Kitchen Furano (キッチンふらの)".

Their cheese hamburger is very recommendable, but today I ordered...............

"Summer Vegetable Burger (夏、野菜バーガー)" available only in the summer time!

It consists of Furano pork (brand pork), and local summer vegetables! Yummy x 2!!!

Without going to "Furano Cheese Factory (富良野チーズ工房)", you can enjoy their delicious ice cream at "FURANO MARCHE (フラノマルシェ)".

I personally recommend cheeseasparagus, and corn flavors!
(If you're interested in "Furano Cheese Factory", please refer to my other post→. I visited there to enjoy their cheese and gelato!)

Have you ever tried such looooooooong egg rolls?

It is named "Namara Bou (なまら棒)" with several flavors.

It is about 50 cm long!!!

The tomato and cheese flavor tastes like pizza!

■Where is "FURANO MARCHE (フラノマルシェ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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