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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ujiie Machiaijyo (氏家待合所) | Akkeshi Dining (あっけし食堂) | Akkeshi

It takes about 50 minutes from Kushiro by local train.

We've arrived in Akkeshi, which is an.....................

oyster town! Oysters produced in this town are much much more delicious than normal ones!! Actually Akkeshi is one of the best oyster production sites in Japan!

Let's eat oyster rice! You can buy an oyster ekiben (which means a box lunch sold at stations) at the Kiosk in JR Akkeshi station.

It looks very delicious, but would you like to eat freshly-made oyster rice? Yes, of course!

I've already made a reservation for it! "Ujiie Machiaisyo (氏家待合所)" or "Akkeshi Dining (あっけし食堂)" in front of the station makes yummy oyster rice ekiben depending on your arrival time! Perfect!

"Hello!!", a friendly owner said to me.

This ekiben won the grand prix at the Hokkaido Ekiben Competition 2011 (北海道駅弁選手権2011).

Even several celebrities came here all the way from Tokyo to eat this ekiben!

It smells very oysters before I open it!!!

If you love seafood, you must be crazy about the rice! It has .............

some plump oysters,

juicy whelks, and

asari clams! The rice absorbs delicious seafood juice and special sauce!! Yummy x 2!!

Now I understand why it has long been popular since the beginning of sales in 1963!

■Where is "Ujiie Machiaijyo (氏家待合所) and Akkeshi Dining (あっけし食堂)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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