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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Conchiglie (コンキリエ) ① | Roadside Station (道の駅) | Akkeshi

Conchiglie (コンキリエ) is a roadside station on a hill in Akkeshi.

Look at the scenery! We can see the whole town and Ocean from the hill.

 We didn't do anything, just relax for a while! I love this atmosphere!

Well, well, well, let's enter the building!
First, we went to a souvenir corner on the 1st floor.! Akkeshi is an oyster town. We've found some unique souvenirs!

This is an oyster-shaped strap! How cute it is!

This is an oyster-shaped monaka (bean-jam-filled wafer).

It got one of the best awards at the 2nd Japanese Sweets Exhibition (第二回全国和菓子大品評会). I really recommend it!

Oyster curry sounds very delicious, doesn't it?

Wow! Wow! Wow! How about oyster candies? I think this is too much! Hahaha!

Except oyster souvenirs, we've also found some funny items!
How about "Black Lovers (黒い恋人)"? It is obviously a parody of "White Lovers (白い恋人)" produced by Ishiya. Hahaha!

I love the name of the juice! "Lalala La France (ララララ・フランス)" sounds very cute!

Let's eat something cold!

They serve three kinds of ice cream, all of which are named after the city's tourist attractions.

■Daikoku Island Cup (大黒島カップ)
This is soft ice cream topped with soy flour and brown cane sugar sauce. Bracken-starch dumping , another topping, are also delicious! Yummy x 2!

■Bekanbeushi Wetland Cup (別寒辺牛湿原)
I love this green tea sauce and crushed walnuts!

■Ai Cup (愛カップ)
The rice-flour dumplings are very yummy x 2!!

They also serve several other desserts such as tapioca drink

We really enjoyed local ice cream!
On the 2nd floor, there are two restaurants including a BBQ corner

We enjoyed fresh seafood from the heart!

To be continued→

■Where is "Conchiglie (コンキリエ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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