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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Otaru Milk Plant (小樽ミルクプラント)| Soft Ice Cream Parlor | Otaru

Today we visited  "Otaru Milk Plant (小樽ミルクプラント)", a popular soft ice cream parlor in Otaru.

It is always packed with local ice cream lovers especially during the summer time.

Why is this parlor popular?
Look at the menu. They have several kinds of flavors in four sizes; regular, long, jumbo, and N.Y. jumbo.

How big is the New York Jumbo?

This is Hokkaido milk flavored soft ice cream in the jumbo size. Surprisingly, it is not the biggest size!!

This is Yubari Melon flavored soft ice cream in the N.Y. jumbo!

I tried Melon and Hokkaido milk flavored one! Yummy x 2!!!

It is very delicious, but difficult to eat it up before it starts to melt........... Hahaha!
They serve 11 flavors; vanilla, chocolate, chocolate marble, strawberry, strawberry marble, Hokkaido milk, Yubari melon, Hokkaido milk & Yubari melon, yogurt, Kyoho grape, and Kyoho grape & yogurt. 
If you are ice cream lovers, please conquer ice cream Everest!

■Where is "Otaru Milk Plant (小樽ミルクプラント)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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