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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Campana Rokkatei (カンパーナ六花亭)| Sweet Shop and Cafe | Furano

"Campana Rokkatei (カンパーナ六花亭)" is located in the vast site of the vineyard.

It's almost there!

Here we are! This is the "Campana Rokkatei (カンパーナ六花亭)"!

The Daisetsuzan mountain range can be seen from the compound! Well, well, well, let's enter the shop!

They have their flagship products in this shop, but when you come here,

please enjoy the products available only here, such as "grape omelet cake (ぶどうオムレツ)", which is omelet cake with grape cream and grape jelly. As they use grape grown around this shop, it tastes very delicious!

See? It's very appetizing, isn't it?

How about soft ice cream?

"Grape ice cream (ぶどうソフト)" is of course made of local grape!

There are a lot of delicious sweets here in the shop!

This is grape soft ice cream! Although it is named grape soft "ice cream", it is like grape "sherbet". Yummy x 2!

On a wonderful day,

I recommend you to eat their sweets at the terrace! Very comfortable!

■Where is "Campana Rokkatei (カンパーナ六花亭)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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