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Monday, August 20, 2012

Gosh (ゴーシュ)| Cafe & Restaurant | Biei

"Gosh (ゴーシュ)" is my favorite restaurant, located near JR Bibaushi station (JR美馬牛駅) in Biei.

Everything is perfect: comfortable atmosphere, delicious food, and friendly staff............

When it's sunny, I recommend

the terrace! It is surrounded with trees like this↓

This is the lunch menu. They serve very delicious meat dishes, bread, home-roasted coffee and so on..........But actually I recommend everything they cook! Hahaha! Whatever you order, I'm sure you must love it!

Today we ordered two of my favorite dishes.

One of them is stewed beef!!! It is super x 2 delicious!!  The rib is very tender and very juicy!! Yummy x 2!!

This is pork stew with prunes. Sweet and sour prunes go well with pork!! The meat is simmered for a long time, and of course very tender!!! Would you like to try it? Hahaha!

Both of them come with this salad and several kinds of bread.

Biei is an agricultural town, and its vegetables taste rich and dense!

It is worth coming here just to eat their bread!! How flagrant the homemade bread is!!!

Their home-roasted coffee is so popular and delicious that a lot of people come here all the way from cities like Sapporo and Asahikawa to drink it! Wow! Wow! Wow!
The lunch sets come with their delicious coffee or soft drink such as local grape juice↓

This is their today's special; pork loin confit and grilled summer vegetables with Gorgonzola cheese. This seasonal limited lunch is also appealing, isn't it? They used special pork produced in Akaigawa(赤井川), a famous pork production site in Hokkaido.

I also recommend their desserts such as pudding, cheese cakes, chocolate cakes, fruit tarts, and Swiss rolls.
Would you like to come here? It may be difficult to find it, but it is within walking distance from JR Bibaushi station (JR美馬牛駅). Please check the map↓

■Where is "Gosh (ゴーシュ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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