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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Conchiglie (コンキリエ) ② | Roadside Station (道の駅) | Akkeshi

This is the second half of my post on Conchiglie (コンキリエ), a roadside station in Akkeshi.

If you're interested in delicious ice cream and oyster souvenirs sold in this roadside station, please refer to the first half→.

On the second floor, there are two restaurants. One of them is "Restaurant Escal (レストラン エスカル)".

It is famous for its "Emondon (えもん丼)" or oyster bowl!!

The other is "Sumiyaki Aburiya (炭焼 炙屋)", a BBQ restaurant!

It is famous for its "Emon sakamushi (えもん酒蒸し)" , steamed oysters in sake, and "all-you-can-eat oysters". Sounds very appetizing, doesn't it? We chose this BBQ restaurant for lunch.

Let's choose ingredients first!
Of course, the local fresh scallops and oysters are must! We picked up a lot of these! Hahaha!

Look at this corner! I've found something unique!

Whale meat!!!!
This is ginger-and-soy sauce-flavored sei whale (イワシ鯨)!

This is whale bacon!

This is whale smoked jerky!

Wow! This is my favorite!
Do you have any idea which part of whale is used for this bacon?

The answer is..................
saezuri (さえずり) or its tongue! Yummy x 2!
The eastern part of Hokkaido is famous for its whale fishing! I know it's controversial, but the whale meat is very delicious!

 I've found another unique item!

This is shika deer sausage!  

I skipped sea urchin, because we ate it a lot yesterday (Hahaha!).

Instead, I picked up a lot of abalone!!! I love it!!

Don't miss Pacific saury caught in this area!

It is a little bit too early to eat delicious fatty Pacific saury, but I really wanted to eat it!

Well, well, well, we headed for the BBQ table with a lot of ingredients!

"Itadakimasu!", which means "let's eat!"

We've learned how to grill oysters, and

why oysters grown here are delicious through the staff and this paper.

 Shall we?

We really enjoyed delicious seafood and vegetables! I love this asparagus and crabs!!!

 This scallop is super! It was alive just before it was grilled!!

How about abalone caught off this town?

Its sashimi is wonderful, but I also love grilled ones!!

Yummy x 2!!! No, no, no! It is super yummy x 2!!

As I said, it is a little bit too early to eat Pacific saury................... Please wait until the best season (fall), and don't be greedy like me! Hahaha!

How do you like assari clam? Do we eat too much? (Of course!)

Don't forget very tasty local oysters!!

When the shell opens, it is the best time to eat it! 

Have you ever eaten such creamy, milky, juicy, rich and dense oysters like this? We ate them one after another! 

I also recommend this chimaki, or steamed rice cake wrapped in a bamboo leaf.

It has soy sauce-flavored tender pork!

See!! Yummy x 2!!

■Where is "Conchiglie (コンキリエ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?I'll guide you! Plz click here!


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